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Post Subject: More about the Silent Running Myles Astor’s syndromePosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/18/2005

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It is always fascinating to see the primitivism with which audio Moronity manifests itself. For instance in response to article above where I expressed my point that Myles Astor should not be bragging about the SRA’ IsoRack I received an angry email for the site reader who said:

“I already own one of these things and know through first-hand experience that it's the best built, best sounding rack on the face of the earth.”

Well, sound like a strong statement, isn’t it? Unfortunately it sound juts like a statement, juts a combination of the works, and not anything else. The same reader has been complaining me for years that his playback is horrible and that he very mach hates what his audio does with sound. Furthermore he multiple times told me that he prefers do not listen his installations at all – that how bad it is. Juts a day before he said me that he knows first-hand about the SRA is the “best sounding rack on the face of the earth” he sent the email where he one more time bitch on the sound he was able to make:

“I listened to the Gogol Suite tonight track 6 to be exact.  I hadn't listened to it since I lived in CT.  I was astonished at how it sounded out here in CA on my Utopias. The harpsichord... well it was difficult to even recognize as a harpsichord. It was all squashed and muffled… And the shockingly dynamic drum beats?  Muffled and totally UN-dynamic. …  In fact, this was the worst reproduction of that CD I've ever heard.  On this system, one is barely aware that it's even a well-recorded, super dynamic CD. Awful.”

So, my question would be how the person who bitch about his bass who suggest that his installations is “muffled and totally UN-dynamic” has any justifications to asses that his SRA’s IsoRack is the “best sounding rack on the face of the earth”. Was it because he was told so or because he had the “first-hand experience?”

Romy the Cat

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