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Post Subject: James Levine’s return stunt.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/1/2010

The next week you need to be dead to skip Boston’s Symphony Hall.

This week James Levine returns from his long medical sabbatical with all-Wagner program. Levine looks like fine nowadays and this week he conducted Metropolitan. BSO is perfectly able to suck with Levine but with his it is so bad…

The next week James Levine perform the “return stunt” – during the midday he will conduct 'Das Rheingold' at Metropolitan – 3 hours very complex opera with no intermission and by 8PM we will be leading  BSO witch Mahler Resurrection.  This is as bold as ambition as it can get, God bless him with the strength to undertake all of it.

Meanwhile, this Saturday it wills me the day of opening of my horns and the day of BSO opening. I am not willing to commit adultery to my horns – I will be listening BSO over WCRB. If James Levine does not cancel I will raise a glass of nice Georgian wine to his honor….

So, far Levine is on….

The Cat

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