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Post Subject: Allnic’s “stupid” business practice.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/30/2010
I meant to mention it before but forgot and was reminded today by some events.  The Hi-Fi companies use doe fine customer service but to a sensible point. The points of sensibility wariest upon many factors but generally hi-end folks are well take care by manufacturers. Some absolutely fantastic customer service is frequent, the Balanced Audio Technology at the very beginning of their existence – they has beyond believe customer service.  Her it come – the Allnic Audio from Korea.

I do not know a lot about them. I spoke a few times with Allnic over emails (with Mr. Parks), heard a few of their units – good company, probably on the better quality per price ratio, and I would prefer the human-made Allnic to any crap the made by USA’s Harman International. Still the event of a few months ago truly blew my sucks off.

Allnic has a reportedly a successful MC cartridge out there that had good acceptance among those who used it. Suddenly Kang Su Park of Allnic Audio discovered that the cartridge has some kind of problem with sound, I do not even know what it is. Any other high-end company that I know would release a new model with the advantageous claims and eliminate the defect. The Allnic Audio did something unseen in hi-fi: then performed a world-wide recall with a free replacement of the used cartridges to new cartridges. That is phenomenally commendable behavior. I am sure that Mr. Parks took a great fanatical heat with this but in my view Allnic Audio bartered it for some that is very seldom in audio industry – respect, at least my respect.

The only question that I would ask Allnic Audio if I meet them: how the hell they manage to stay in business with the stupid philosophy like this….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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