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Post Subject: Martin-Logan, Myles Astor and the Silent Running Stupidity.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/18/2005

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Somebody sent me a link to the Myles Astor’s “review” of the Silent Running Audio rack, which they call Craz IsoRack™, whatever it means…

Before even clicking at the link I knew that it should be some kind of typical BS. It is not necessarily I had something against the Myles Astor or Silent Running Audio but I know that in the environment of contemporary audio reviewing ceremony it is imposable to writhe a sensible or objective review about audio racks. So, I clinked the link with an interest what kind idiocy the reviewer would dump to the head of the reader THIS time. Do you think I was too pessimistic? Nope, I was wrong, the review did not appear foolish after I read it. It was foolish BEFORE I begun to read it!. So, now I’m writing a nasty article about the review that I DID NOT READ! Sue me!!!

I do not know what Myles have written in there but what I would like to ask: why the hell Mr. Astor even decided to review the Silent Running Audio rack? It is commonly know that practically all resonance problems with any equipment could be resolved, compensated or tuned by the relatively small supporting platforms of COMPARATIVE SIZE AND MASS to the size and mass of the component itself.  Many companies do them, using the different techniques, more or less successful; including the SRA. The only problems that could not be resoled via the platforms are the LF vibrations and resonanses. For instance the same SRA platforms are totally useless at LF and to do something with it would be necessary to deal with larger masses and sizes. Here is where the racks comes to the play….

So far so good, but why a person suddenly decided to review a low frequency demanding product if the person uses the Martin-Logan Prodigy? The Martin-Logan Prodigy has as much relation to a proper (or even reasonable) bass reproduction as the eruption of the mountain Krakatoa has to do with legalization of abortions in US.  The Martin-Logan Prodigy bass IS THE ultimate bass nightmare. Even this largest Martin-Logan Statement system with all thier 16 low-frequency modules, even properly installed and driven produce bass, that good for the condoled demolitions in Harlem but it no ways could be used for music. So, how the “big reviewer” Myles Astor decided to assess the effectiveness of the Silent Running efforts at LF if he has no speakers to do so? It would be similar to ask a blind person to callable the color saturation of a TV display!

I do not know… perhaps I am too hard on those reviewers… They are the nice people who wish purely altruistically the best for us… the product followers. Looking at the pictures of Myles’ playback system it looks like his turntable was sitting before the SRA atop of Myles’ ….TV set. I hope that Myles’ was mentioned somewhere in his review that with SRA rack did changed something …

Anyhow, I am glad the Myles got himself a new rack. Dose he “composes a review” each time he extorts a new peace of equipment form a manufacturer and his reviewing doodles are juts Mr. Astor’s reimbursement? This would be a reasonable explanation why he reviewed the SRA’s rack using the Martin-Logans as in this case Sound (or result) would be completely irrelevant and the review came as a barter. If my guess was wrong and Myles do not keep the rack and the Mr. Astor intention were not sinister, then, in this case, (cortcy to the Martin-Logan Prodigy) the Mr. Astor juts a dense audiofool who is clueless what he “reviews” and his thoughts worth as much as the mass of the air between the adjustable shelves of the Silent Running Audio’s Craz IsoRack.

Well, I always said that the amount of brain in the head of an audiophile is back-proportionally to the amount of the “accessories” s/he list with his playback system. After I read the Miles list I did not read any further….

Romy the Cat

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