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Post Subject: Ha! Score 1 for Modern Medicine!Posted by Paul S on: 9/20/2010
OK, it looks like the 3rd time was indeed a charm.

No, the new X/Os do not really "correct" problems inherent in the drivers.  That's another story now.  Still, a better power contour helps my DEBZs to sound more correct in terms of voicing and overall balance, with respect to pitch and timbre.  "Space" has "emptied out", just like I wanted and, if only by contrast, mid/upper bass has come up in the mix.  This latter is actually a side benefit; but it is a nice one.

Electricity ranged from not good to bad today, yet it was less obnoxious than usual, I hope this was because of the lower HF volume.

I used only CDs today, because I wanted to be fully remote capable, for testing.  I look forward to good electricity and LPs.

According to my calculations, I have given up some "efficiency" in order to substantially bring down the Lowthers' relentless HF.  But I really can't say I noticed any significant loss in efficiency, since in the past I always put the "meat of the music" where I wanted it (in terms of volume) and just suffered the extra HF.

No surprise, there is less in the way HF "detail" now; but I don't miss that yet.
BTW, I wound up setting the ribbon down 6 dB at 13.5 k Hz, 2nd order, and this after re-sloping the whizzers' natural response down by 6 dB/8ve, as well.  And there's still plenty of HF.

Paul S

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