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Post Subject: 3rd Time a Charm?Posted by Paul S on: 9/19/2010
Sheee-it... I finally got the new coils wound and the "new and improved" X/Os "worked out" and soldered together.  It will take the (removable!) silicone goop overnight to stick the parts to the DEBZ's integrated X/O "bustles"; then I will tip the DEBZs back up, hook them up, and wait for wife-y to go on an errand, or something.

Is it ironic, or a sad state of affairs, or both that I insist on effing with the best pair of speakers I have ever heard?

Remember, this round is not about "adding" anything, since I pretty much got the "weight" last time.  Rather, it is about scrubbing "HF".

Cross yr. fingers.

Paul S

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