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Post Subject: ..and of cause someone shall mention it!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/8/2010
I am sorry it escaped me during my initial write up – in fact I meant to express a position about the subject for quite a while back.

The TAS page # 99 the ad by Vincent Audio. I think it is some kind of preamp  and the ad shows a sexy leggy woman lays in front with a remote control. Come on, this type of the ads are so cheesy that I wonder what kind of shit was in heads of the people who did it. I do not know anything about Vincent Audio and about their preamps. Since they use Michael Fremer’s recommendation in their ads I have reasons to presume that they are crap and since they god some kind of TAS Editor award I presume that they prepaid for next 5 years of the TAS ads. They are all presumptions but there is a think that is absolutely undeniable - the fucking idiots who run marketing for this company are fucking idiots. Who design and who sighed off this ad? I presume that nit was not the Vincent Audio but somebody Tom Myers, the Vincent’s US distributor. Vincent Audio, fire this retard and find somebody less idiotic – good lack to find one.

Is it about sending some kind of primitive subliminal message that the OK legs of the young woman will be transferred into some kind of superior sound? Did they found a lot of sane customers this way? Do you what to send the true message? Take the woman’s clothes away, position the legs to the camera and show how wide the soundstage might be. Do you think it will be less comprehendible for an ordinary audio parson then the Michael Framer assurances? If one wish to use sexuality of woman to promote audio product then change the company name to Vagina Sound.

In reality it is not only Vincent Audio does this crap. I have seen ads with cables winding around female neck and unconspicuously going inside of cleavage. I have seen ads with speakers being hugged with young girl in bikini.  I do feel that it was 1) very chip and 2) was very tasteful done.  To make tasteful and smart ad using woman’s sexuality is a very difficult work and it might not be done by pimps who pay own mortgages by moving USP boxes.  Lean to make better audio and you will not need to print naked woman to sell it.

Oh, yes. Give to the woman on this Vincent Audio add the shoes of the reasonable size and the conventional shape. The long-noise shoe that this poor girl made to wear makes her to looks like she is a duck.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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