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Post Subject: Atkinson vs. Tektronix: first audio case in US Supreme CourtPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/15/2005

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Next week the United States Supreme Court begin it’s hearings of the extraordinary case Atkinson vs. Tektronix that might pave a new direction in audio awareness. Tektronix took legal action against Mr. Atkinson last year after John Atkinson (The Editor in Chief the Stereophile magazine) announced that he willing to merry his oscilloscope.

Mr. Atkinson’s attorney told us: “We carefully read US laws and we did not see any prohibitions of matrimony between the deaf or senseless AES members and a pile of electronic components secluded into a metal enclosure. Mr. Atkinson has mature and long lasting relationship with his oscilloscope. For years Mr. Atkinson used oscilloscope in into order to assess now the rectangular horns sound. Mr. Atkinson invented his “Stickability Concept” when he inserted his rectangular Tektronix into the rectangular mouths of the horns and then by measuring the sound-inflicted noise on the electron beam tubes he was pontificated about the sounds qulety of the horns. Eventually, John Atkinson’s connection with oscilloscope went deeper and now Mr. Atkinson can not imagine to live without his life-long partner”

The Audio Engineering Society, the IEEE and the countless disabled to hear and recognize music audio-professionals around the world are eagerly awaiting the outcome of Atkinson vs. Tektronix case as they feel that it might take the audio “accepted wisdom” at the very new, unseen before level.

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