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Post Subject: First Guaranteed Failure, Coming UpPosted by Paul S on: 8/26/2010
I did not shoot for the Collectors' Holy Grail to start, but I looked for and bought a +/- "generic" version.  The 3.5" I bought are unusual only with respect to their atypical (smaller than the usual 4") cone. They are 88.9 mm, as I recall.  Otherwise, they look like typical MagnetFabrik, etc., shaped and proportioned very much like the remaining parts of the tweeter in the photo you shared. Magnet shell is not gigantic, but larger than typical "radio" stuff, and they have the usual shitty, stamped, steel frames, "ventilated", in this case, rather than closed back.  They have the so-called "Tigges" iteration of MFW magnet.  Whoop-ee.

Of course I am going to try to listen to the tweeters stock, hopefully without blowing them up.  I suppose I should strap resistors across the terminals?

By your experience, are any of these guys ever made underhung, to start with, and/or must they all be re-wound?

You may remember I told you I knew Frank Reps WAY back, and he obviously has good sources for most of this stuff today.  However, he is not the easiest guy to talk to, because he always has an agenda, and he also hides out in a fairly remote part of the desert, with no phone or computer, so all communication must be written (he writes everything by hand...).  Anyway, I wish me luck, too, finding help with this and that.  Stuff like spec'd flat wire and the thin-body, light, hi-temp glue does not grow on trees aroud here, let alone proper diameter formers, etc.  As you know, dealing with hard-core tweaks can take all one's energy for not much net gain, not to mention all the blind alleys.

Ironically, I actually started seriously in hi-fi in much this same way, but VERY reluctantly, mostly hoping to save money, as much as tailoring the sound.  In every case, if I thought I could buy my way out, I took that option.  And not much has changed, in over 45 years, except a much much better idea of the Sound...  Maybe "too good" for my own good...

For future European stuff, once I have some idea what I'm talking about, perhaps you might give me some referrals?  My contact info is listed.

Best regards,
Paul S

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