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Post Subject: Can You Even Get There From Here?Posted by Paul S on: 8/21/2010
Petar, I looked at the "custom" driver you posted the address for.  It is interesting to look at, all right, but I am not set up to build drivers from scratch.  Since I pretty much have to buy something that is either useable as-is or something that needs only minimal, easy modification, I guess I am stuck trying things that seem "likely" to me in order to hear how they actually sound in my application, according to my ability to shape them to my needs.

You may remember that I have presently high-passed the Reps 1st order at 400 Hz, with the 15" Audax coming up, so the Reps does not need to go down.  Listening to it again today, even with the notch filter the Reps sounds tilted up tonally with a sharp-ish trough around 2.5 - 3k Hz, whether this is the actual case or not.  I will have to meditate on this.

Based on what I can see (I have not heard them), I am curious about the  Supravox 285 GMF with 165 GMF, and I am thinking to x/o somewhere around 2.5 - 3k Hz.  These driver are about 1.4T in the gap, all paper cones and suspension, with ceramic magnets.  Like most mid drivers made today, they are touted by the manufacturer for their "extended range".  Supravox does give response curves, however, and at least these drivers are obviously not intended to be used "full range"- at all.  I do not know it for sure, but I think the GMF series are more or less "production" drivers, ie, I do not believe they are "hand made" like Supravox's "boutique" drivers, many of which are intended to be used in "extended range" applications.

Another potential issue with these: I am not at all sure these could play decently loud, even if they might sound good played at low volume.

Best regards,
Paul S

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