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Post Subject: The Micro Seiki arms.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/17/2010
 Gibraltar wrote:
Not sure what you're suggesting here. Are you saying that I should be able to hear some channel imbalance from the surface noise if the anti-skate is not working? I did try removing the arm tube then turning the anti-skate dial up to max to see if the armbase would rotate counter clockwise, and there was no movement. Like you said though, low compliance and high horizontal inertia could be masking the anti-skating force, but it doesn't seem like it.

Gibraltar, forget about the surface noise. What I mean is to lower the needle at no groves surface (space between cats on test record) and to visually see where the needle goes. It will move and you will be able to balance it with anti-skate. This is the ONLY way how I personally set antiskating.
 Gibraltar wrote:
I'm wondering if I should try to disassemble the armbase to see what's going on in there. I'm pretty sure I could get it apart, but not sure at all if I could get it back together. I don't suppose you've ever tried this with your arms?

Oh, yes I did completely disassemble Max282 and I did have difficulties to put it back together. Well, I put it back somehow but I have too many spared parts left. If it does not convince you that I am idiot then I would admit that I did it… twice, do not ask me why. Yes, I did screw up two  Micro Max282 tonarms, one of them I sold in plastic bag, another was assembled but I did not like how it worked. I had two more Max282, which I not destroyed. I let one go last year and left for myself juts one. Disassembling the Max282 is not difficult and you can do it, accessing the antiskating regulator if you need. However, under no circumstances remove the inner-wire ringing the contact panel. It was a point of no return for me.
 Gibraltar wrote:
I guess I'll stick with the J-tube for now then. The straight tube is appealing to me, but they're very hard to find and very expensive now so unless there's some real sonic benefit I'll forget about it. The only one I've seen lately was in HK, and the guy wanted 1800 USD for it!

In my view it does not worth it. It might worth if you use this arm on a TT that has only one tonearm, than you cam clip the needle with the tubes. I am sure that you have no NEED for this.
 Gibraltar wrote:
Here in Japan Micro's legacy is very quiet. There is definitely still a user base, and I'm aware of at least one fan club, but it seems small. I'm sure there are still many big micro tables in use, but I have a feeling that most of the users are old and don't get online much. You know a while ago Stereo Sound published a special volume on vintage TTs, and I was excited to get some info on the history of Micro. Turns out though that all they covered were foreign tables...Thorens, EMT, etc! I feel that's indicative of many people's opinons here...they idolize 'golden age' European equipment but don't recognize the great stuff that was made right here.

Regarding the company itslef, I've asked around at local shops and they all say it's dead and gone. As recently as 2004 I know some shops still had a decent stock of spare parts, but there's absolutely nothing left now. Many of the local used hifi shops here will not deal in Micro tables anymore because they cannot get maintenance/parts. There are a few that can do maintenance themselves and do still sell Micros, but good units rarely appear. The only consistent source is Yahoo Auctions, where a big TT will show up once every month or two. I also know of one small machine shop that makes replica amrboards and accessories, but that's it. Too bad because I could really use some spare armtubes!

Well, I do not care about the Micro popularity or publicity. I was wondering if anybody claims the Micro resurrection. The Micro Seiki owner owed me a LOT of money. I heard that he is dead but I wonder if somebody took over the company and would honor the debt.

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