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Post Subject: Micro's tonarm.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/15/2010

 Gibraltar wrote:
I recently picked up a MAX-282 tone arm and when setting it up with my test record I'm getting buzzing in the right channel during the bias test tracks. Changing the anti-skating setting has no audible effect. On other arms I have if I set the VTF to zero (so the arm balances horizontally) and turn on the anti-skating the arm swings outwards. On the MAX-282 when I do this it doesn't move at all.  Romy, have you ever tried this on your MAX-282? I have a feeling that my arm may be broken, but thought I'd check if you've seen similar behavior before I jump to conclusions.

I'm also wondering about the arm tubes. My arm came with the J-shaped arm tube which I'm using with a headshell and a normal catridge. Have you ever compared the J-shaped tube with the straight tubes in terms of sound quality? Micro suggested that you should use the straight tube unless you had an integrated headshell catridge, but for all I know this could just be because removable headshells went out of fashion.

it is possible that your anti-skating setting is broken. You might try at lover VTF and to see if the anti-skating turn the needle. Micro anti-skating a bit freaky – it calibrated up to 4 grams, up to 5 grams with curved tubes but in reality it is 2.5 grams. Micro’s grams is a springs – I do not like spring but it is what it is.

I would discard the test disk truck– I never use it. Take a silent space between the cuts (test disk!) and make a needle at your operational VTF to be in stationary ay a bit more than a half record. In fact it is arguable where the needle needs to be balanced but I will not go to this debate now. I use a half or a bit more than a half record. You will instantly see how good or bad your anti-skating work. Be advised that Micro MAX-282 anti-skating has very low compliance and has high horizontal inertia. If you are accustomed to contemporary super compliant arms that react to Cat’s farts from another room them it might be a bit different.

About the tubes. The J-tube is good as it is heavy tube – I like high effective mass arms. There are two straight tubes. One is for super light MM cartridges and another is normal one. This normal straight tube has a bug – the offset sluts on the headshell are cut a few degrees of the mark to hit proper overhanging. It might be easily corrected by angling the cartridge in the slots. It is a bit too light tube but still useable, particularly if you load it.

BTW, Gibraltar, your profile shows that you are in Japan. Is any Micro Seiki legacy heard? Is the company permanently gone?

The caT

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