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Post Subject: Fastness and good driversPosted by haralanov on: 8/15/2010
 Paul S wrote:
All I want is wide-range drivers as fast as a Lowther DX4

Paul, I have listened DX4 driver.  In my view this fastness that you report is completely artificial and absolutely non-musical as it does not have any relation to the dynamic acceleration of real instruments. Let me explain – DX series are made for people which doesn’t listen acoustical music. They intentionally use neodymium magnets, which force the drivers to sound "impressive" but this impressiveness is good only for electronic music. The feeling is like the driver has build in blaster in the place of its phase plug and shoots right in your face with small pieces of glass. This is due to the highly nonlinear behavior of neodymium when it’s field is stressed by the voice coil, even with very low currents. I can’t stand that type of sound for more than 5 seconds. There is another reason for that fastness – any acoustic system with rolled off low bass tend to sound "fast". Bring the bass back and the fastness will loose its speed. Any widerange driver which produces enough high frequencies used in backloaded horn sound fast, but again – it has nothing to do with the unforced and ultra dynamic sound of real instruments.

 Paul S wrote:
All I want is wide-range drivers as fast as .... with the tone of the .... Is that asking too much?

No, you are not asking for too much, but I’m afraid there is no commercial 10” driver which meets you requirements. There isn’t even 8”! All of them are not good enough and if some particular driver shows strength in one category, it is bad in another – that’s because no manufacturer does have stimulation to produce frequency optimized widerange drivers – all of them want their drivers operating 20-20000Hz which is absolutely ridiculous! I think you need some custom extended midrange drivers, something like this:

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