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Post Subject: Un-Done by Eyes, Ears and NumbersPosted by Paul S on: 8/4/2010

Petar, thanks for the pic posting link (which I've read over and over), but my problem posting pictures is my ancient browser, so that's another task. Again, there's really not much of what one would like to see that I can show, short of disassembly, as you will see for yourself, eventually.

I am not sure about the double coil windings. My guess is, "optimized" single winding, since Frank's aim was to keep it as light as possible, and he would be all over mutual inductance and that sort of thing, as part of his intellectual excercise. And, clearly, he did not use the most powerful magnet possible but sought to "optimize" that, too. As a point of interest, Frank refers to the bonding of the former to the cone as "an elaborate interlaced bandline" using "adhesives specifically selected for their low mass and exceptional bond strength". He also says the coil is a "perfect lay" Aluminum on a .003" bobbin, and he cites power handling at 55 W.

I have played around with two different Lowthers, but this is my first experience with the Reps.  None of these drivers move much, at least not the way I've used them. I am aware of conventional wisdom regarding Qts and the usual applications. While I would not choose an OB driver - including this one - because it had soft Qts, neither will I give up on it for that reason, at least not until I get the stupid spike tamed so I can hear what else it can do with my ears rather than my eyes. I suppose I could dope the foam (being careful not to degrade it chemically...), come to that.  But I am not there yet, and anything like this will come as a direct response to listening rather than a preemptive strike based on supposed TS numbers.

Again, unless one of us is siezed with inspiration in the meantime, I will at least try the (damned) notch filter, if only out of curiosity. Any suggestions for [foam] dope? I used to use a mix of good Damar varnish and highly-filtered beeswax that never completly set up; but if I ever settled on an exact recipe, I no longer remember it. In any case, I won't change the mechanics of the driver without having aurally targeted reasons to do so, and I would start with things I could un-do.

Best regards,
Paul S

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