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Post Subject: Gerald Finzi's Cello ConcertoPosted by tuga on: 7/14/2010

This morning, while driving to work, the Classical station was playing the first movement of Gerald Finzi's Cello Concerto (14 July 1901 - 27 September 1956):

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The Cello Concerto in A minor, Op 40, was composed by Gerald Finzi in 1955.

The piece is in three movements:

I. Allegro moderatoII. Andante quietoIII. Rondo: Adagio - Allegro giocoso

The concerto was written as the result of a request by John Barbirolli, and first performed by Barbirolli and the Hallé Orchestra, with Christopher Bunting as the soloist at the Cheltenham Music Festival on 19th July, 1955.

I sounded quite interesting but I was unable to catch the interpreter's name.


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