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Post Subject: The Values PyramidPosted by Paul S on: 7/9/2010
"SO i read somewhere on the net if we have to mix ss and tube the combination should be tube pre----ss amp and NOT ss pre ------tube amp."

Please don't take offense, but this is why I say what I say. No matter how smart you are or how long you've been at it, this is beginner-speak.

" preference for music is hobby for electronics and pleasure of listening through application of mind and knowledge  on the subject."

Muddasir, if this is the case, then you can't lose, since there will always be components to mix 'n match and try your mind against.

Setting aside all musical considerations, you cannot buy any one or two components that will make perfect sound from the rest of your gear. Get yourself an old pair of Harbeth Monitor 40s (NOT the new ones) and a sufficiently-powerful, non-dramatic SS amp (Electrocompaniet?), integrated is fine, and non-dramatic sources/components, and try not to change anything for at least 2 years. Basically, try to get the drama out of the system, itself.

Best regards,
Paul S

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