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Post Subject: Where to Begin?Posted by Paul S on: 7/8/2010
Muddasir, welcome to Good Sound Club, where, if you get what you want, it will be because you've figured it out for yourself. Since you have popped up here asking for feedback/advice, I'll open by saying it's hard to tell from your post if you've read much of what has already been posted on this fairly extensive site. I'm guessing, not; or perhaps you have misread. Normally, I would ask for specific sound traits and qualities that you have, like, want, ect., and some specific ideas of what you do not like about your present system, in order to develop a strategy. Funny, but in this case your listing of the brands that comprise your system and those you hope will help you out actually offers some valuable insight into the way you are presently approaching hi-fi, and it sounds like searching for "knowledgable" opinions and consensus building forms the base of your present sense of "direction" in hi-fi. Good luck with this approach!

Not to be presumptuous or rude, but the way you have framed your "tubes vs. SS remarks" suggests that you've not been at this seriously for long. There are MANY posts on this site dealing with generic topological considerations. Basically (very basically...), you are right about the operating points, etc., and being an EE might actually give you a leg up once you get a clearer sense of what you want in terms of music and musical sound, along with the problems that inhere in ANY off-the-shelf "solution".

This next is tough to say, and perhaps I exceed myself here: Bluntly put, there are many roads to Rome, but I would not want to start with your speakers and amps. I rarely say something like this, because it it usually not worth saying, but you have one hell of a task ahead of you to milk good music out of that combo, if that is your aim. But surely, you can hear this for yourself?

I have no comment on which brand of pre-amp you might buy at this point, but I will boldly opine to close that yours presently strikes me as a case where you are aiming at "hi-fi" but you would actually get a lot more musical self-discovery from mid-fi, at least for a while.

Best regards,
Paul S

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