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Post Subject: About the multi-interface DACs.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/21/2010
Coops, I am sure you find you find you typical single-sentence comment was very informative and containing a lot of expressed intentions.

Anyway, to the others. I have a feeling that there is a huge misleading with all this multi-interface DACS. Of cause there are different advantages for different interfaces. I am not at the position to compare them but I am as much as anybody else is in position to compare results from different interfaces. Here I think we have problems. I am not sure that any given DAC has the different interfaces implemented with identical level of quality respectfully to own topology. In fact I am sure that this is not the case and therefore when we, the users, say that this interface is better over that interface then we do not really talk about interface’s conceptuality but the given accidental implementation that we have exposed with a given unit.

This type of misleading is very common in audio and I fell very sorry that audio people are so frequently get hooked on it. A few days back a user of this site proposed that monophony and a concept is not bad as there were too many good mono record pressed in past. Retiring back to the converters topic: the industry was proving to everybody that HDCD is very good system but they failed to mention that HDCD were recorded or mastered via. Pacific processors that had A/D and converter section way superior than anything else at that time. The point is that in many cases the specific advantage that has reason and explanation presented in audio as a self-evident prove of irrelevant phenomena. I am against it.  

Take for instance the Weiss DAC202 or any other multi-interface DACs. We might hear that one interface sound better then other but you NEVERE hears from anybody that interface #1 underperforms in relation to what it shall do and therefore how it performs in regards to an interface #2 is irrelevant.

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