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Post Subject: Weiss Engineering DAC202Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/21/2010

Denial Weiss just released a new DAC:

It looks like a versatile DAC, reasonably priced. There is not information about architecture, I am sure it be coming.  Goggling the DAC202 bring only the write up of Chris Connaker, the Computer Audiophile. Knowing that this little industry chiwawa sucks any single digital dick is given to him I did not bother to read what that cretin have written.

Most likely Denial renders his former delta-sigma DACs and the interface converters boxes in the same chassis – it might be an interesting DAC, even thought I was not a big fun of MEDEA DACs.  I wonder if the new DAC202 has the same code as the MEDEA had or Denial came up with something new.

I am not on the market for any digital and have no personal interest but somebody who does might take a look what it is. Surly if you do then max out the stupid digital volume control on the DAC202 DAC.

Romy The Cat

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