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Post Subject: At least: the Ultimate Phonocorrector?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/23/2004

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Hm, I kind of did not have time to continue this thread, probably I will. My initial idea was to publish my observation about all commercial and none-commercial phonocorrectors I have heard and to describe their problems. Perhaps I will return to it another day. For a time being here is a current runner for an Absolute Ultimate Phonocorrector.

It is 2 tube stages ~ 64dB gain and it runs MC needle performing the RIAA duty. Did I mention that this thing has no auditable noise… with 108dB sensitive speakers and 10W power?!!!! Currently this corrector is still under testing including the testing with the SU2 step-up transformer. The initial results are quite intriguing and VERY promising.

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