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Post Subject: Reviews :-)Posted by Stitch on: 4/19/2010
 Romy the Cat wrote:

In contrary to any other equipment I feel that cartridges are well benefited in comparative reviewing…

The Cat

Good to read that you think positive about something :-)

Unfortunately my experience is different, specially in cartridge reviews. I never read so much nonsense, so much non-information or wrong results than here.

Just a few examples:

Your own experience with Koetsu (show me a review which does not has as result how super great they are, worth selling the house to get it or some more..)

Have you ever listened to air Tight PC-1? Cartridge of the Year from JV

No? Do it.

Or the ones from MySonic Lab?  After Jesus the next best which come down to earth.

Or Dynavector XV-1s?  What a dead sounding BS-Cartridge, good for nothing, a cheaper TeKaitora will show what's all about

Or the latest Zyx Omega? This one is wrong in all frequencies, but you will never read that somewhere

I guess I forgot some which are really awful, too.

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