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Post Subject: Wheat, Chaff, and ChafePosted by Paul S on: 4/17/2010
Adrian, I have not heard this specific cartridge, but the "alive" thing Levi went on and on about certainly rang a Decca bell for me; also the "tweak-y" parts.  I do think Levi might have made more of the cable-as-load angle as opposed to painting the $5k foo-foo cable as a minimum-quality companion product; but then, we all realize that these guys are selling, right?  However, I am willing to accept that he found something he thinks works in that application.

Looking at the photograph of the cartridge, there are some screw heads visible.  On a Decca I remember, the screw on the side of the thing was some kind of adjustment screw.  Is that also the case with this new cartridge?  I remember that screw in the same way I remember the manic Jackie Du Pre putting her instrument outside or leaving it in the sun, and how I squirmed, hearing that remarkable cello groan and pop!

Another thing I think could be made more clear is that some components that want perfect set-up actually "guide" the attuned user by responding accordingly.  In the best cases, this response is also linear.  With the older Deccas, there were so many swirling variables that I could not determine a repeatable, linear course of adaptation.  Mea culpa.

Somehow, I did not realize until reading Levi's review that this cartridge puts out 5 mV!  I have to admit, I like the idea of eliminating another transformer, along with its connections.  One could theoretically hard-wire that cartridge straight to the network.

Best regards,
Paul S

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