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Post Subject: Stealth ManeuverPosted by Paul S on: 4/4/2010
Yesterday, I finally got around to replacing the Schottky diodes in my unit with some original edition Fairchild "Stealth"  diodes, so named because they are supposed to be "undetectable" in the circuit with respect to noise (unlike the Schottkys).  I did not even try to do before and after noise measurements, since the only thing I care about is how it sounds.

The Stealths quiet things in a way I did not know they could be quieted, by damping or elimanating noise I had always thought of as part of the LP-sourced background.  And so far it seems to do this quieting at no cost to other areas of the sound, albeit there is the usual heightening of distinction between good and poor recordings.

The most obvious benefit is an increased sense of space.  Placement of instruments and voices is the same, and it remains dependent on the recording.  More details are available over a greater range of frequencies.  No change in bass, except slightly better percussive effects.

I want to say without confusing anyone that the LP sound is more "FM-like".  Of course there is much greater range, etc., but the space and the background suggest good FM to me now.

I will get back on this as soon as I get to hear the change with really good electricity.  Yeaterday the electricity was not great; still, the sound was wonderful until it got big and loud and complex.  I am eager to hear this big stuff playing cleanly, since I know from experience that it can do so now, when the electricity is good.

For those who care, the system can now "slow down" to complete "silence" with musical continuity.

Paul S

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