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Post Subject: Reply FishbowlPosted by RennieB on: 3/15/2010
Hi Romy,

Thanks a lot for your reply! Very helpful but there is some misunderstanding...

I personally have a WE91A 300b Clone, no ambition to build something with the tb3-2000....
There is a guy building one though...  ( I would if i could!)

My problem is that i read  and knew the way was HES with SET.

So build a transport, nos dac and amp. With some result... Only no HES speaker yet so it's not what i was aiming for.

My next thought was to build an MTM PHL/AMT for the reason to be able to build DSET in the future and build  > 100 dB HES when time and money
are on my side again...

Could you point a solution for HES > 100 dB for something of 3500/4000 Dollar? Klipsch La Scala II Perhaps?

Thanks a lot!


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