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Post Subject: Fishbowl ampingPosted by RennieB on: 3/14/2010
Hi Romy,

Great site, got lost here for a while now searching WE13a after building a WE91a 300B set, quess have to reconsider sell and wil look in to the Melq's for the near future... Also it even got me a little in to horns...

For now i have a question i might be able to ask here, if not, please remove or delete.

Got a pair of (Mundorf/Holistic sound devices) AMT 2510c from a local distributer and would pair this with the PHL 1220 in MTM config.

Would it be possible to make 2 x 2 channel amp. DSET for it? Would be around 93 dB HES.

While you are comming to the Netherlands soon you can visit me and discuss... ; )


TB3- 2000 _ UMG 48


Ps. Not my amp... And also not the one you would fly over for... Sorry.

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