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Post Subject: Power Conditioning not the way to goPosted by Vasyachkin on: 3/10/2010
 Romy the Cat wrote:
One of the greatest area where a lot of done but with zero success is the power treatment – the electricity still is the main bitch of audio in my world. Well, I should not say that what among what is done everything has zero success but whatever I have seen was not what I would like to have. The power line devices come to the market like the mushrooms after rain but I still do not see anything radical (like a dynamic decoupling of anything like this). The power devises is the area where I would like to see something drastically improved…

i believe that power conditioning, filtering or buffering is not the answer.  the answer is properly designed components which are able to tolerate garbage power.

think of it this way: what is more logical - to work on improving car's suspension or to demand that every road be machined out of marble and calibrated with laser interferometer ?  one approach would cost thousands while another trillions.

because some parts of the circuit are more sensitive to power quality than others and it is up to the designer of that component to shield the individual parts of the circuit from power problems as needed.  most manufacturer don't bother because it makes no sense from the bottom line perspective to spend any more effort on design that the absolute minimum they can get away with.

and of course if you're DIYing your own amplifiers etc then you don't have the time or resources to bother with this either and in that case it makes more sense to look for some kind of a power conditioning solution.

but ultimately the problem is lack of availability of well designed components, and the need for power conditioners is only a symptom of that problem.i do agree that it is pathetic that in this 21st century even with upscale gear i can sometimes get weird noises come out of the speaker when somebody is calling my cell phone.  we should be able to do better than that.

also i don't think the situation will improve any time soon.  because most are content with recycling 20 year old designs while electromagnetic noise pollution is only going to keep getting worse.

i remember reading about how some morons at MIT were very excited that they developed a way to power a light bulb wirelessly across the room and i was thinking those people should have been aborted.  with all the electromagnetic waves already around us the last thing we need is our neighbors powering their household appliances wirelessly. 

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