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Post Subject: Sound that could not be <sold>.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/16/2005

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the problem is that the audio knowledge recognizes sound as a deviation of amplitude above the noise floor. In reality everything is more complicated. The departure of amplitude above noise is  “popular” among the audio scientist ONLY because this deviation is measurable, quantifiable and acknowledgeable but the currently existing methods of what they call objective controls.  They learned to measure the very specific and very primitive type of the waves and then they force any meaning in Reality be compatible with what is achievable for them to manage.  If you ask an audio-scientist or an audiophile what manifest for them an audio-event then looking at my graph below they certainly would say that the “A Zone” descries an audio occurrence. They will be absolutely correct, as their audio awareness is an 'awareness' of an oscilloscope or an 'awareness' of a voltmeter.


We humans are way more complicated and our awareness is spread infinitely.  Our sensory mechanisms, our ability to make the instantaneous cross-time and cross-space associations and out ability to recognize and to accept (!) REALTY AS OUR PERCEPTION makes any boundaries, or any coordinates systems completely conditional and completely superfluous, not to mention completely restrictive. We do not recognize beginning of Sound and end of Sound. We only recognize it when we describe Sound on convert the recognizable into any other format, even the stream of thoughts. For our alertness Sound is an event that shoves itself into our Total Awareness ™. Our Total Awareness ™ is the  “B Zone” on the graph above and Sound is juts a pin prick within the body of our Total Awareness ™….

Romy the Cat

PS: BTW, I have written about it quite long time ago, including the “Objectives” paragraph of  “My Playback” section of my site.

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