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Post Subject: Re: The unreal goals of sound reproduction.Posted by guy sergeant on: 8/16/2005
If identical performances the same piano were given in different venues the 'indentation of recreated space' can never be the same as the acoustic properties of the venue are a part of that indentation.
When this sound is then reproduced anywhere else, the acoustic properties of that new venue will inevitably be different again. An experienced listener may be able, to some degree, to mentally subtract the contribution of the new venue and and hear the characteristics of the space where the recording was made, however such a process is unlikely to be perfect.

Can you differentiate for me between using the word 'event' and what that implies and using the phrase 'indentation of recreated space'?

Can you also explain further what you mean by 'sound projected to the coordinate system of recreated realty' as I don't understand it.

I'm not being facetious. I think this an interesting issue and I'd like to be sure I'm interpreting what you're trying to say correctly.

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