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Post Subject: More Gain/Power from Melquiades bass.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/28/2010

I keep thinking about power and how much extra power and gain I would need in a new room, Sure, it is not difficult to raise a white flag and do for SS amplification but I so would like to stay with SET amplification for my bass channels! I am looking at the Milq bass channel and breaking my head thinking how I can get more power and gain. I do not have the exact numbers how much in shortage I will be but my current that my current Milq will not be able to handle nether power nor gain. In my current room I have a perfect match between room volume, sq of transducer and amplification:

I have a feeling that if I have extra 6dB of gain and 4 times more power then I might be able to deal with new room. Sure, the only measurement in location would show. What I know is that I VERY much willing to preserve my SET bass but to get more POWER!


Rgs, Romy the Cat

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