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Post Subject: "Boston, you can have it."Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/28/2010

A few weeks back a local industry-reviewer visited me. We were listening music, spoke about audio and discussed the prices of real-estate in context of audio objectives. The guy lives in south New Hampshire, in a large house and when I told him how much I pay for my apartment in Boston’s Back Bay he was insulted . I got my mortgage papers through last week and it look that the cash default burning rate (premium + tax + insurance) of my new suburb house will be juts $40 more then what I pay for my apartment. After putting all of it together my NH guest was leaving and told “I have the city live. Boston, you can have it.”

Ironically this is the very same attitude that I have developed since I begun the fight for this new home of might. My closing had to be 3 days back but was postponed because some external reasons. Not it will be (it hope) sometime in March and live in empty apartment, with all my shit is packed, feeding myself with a new huge masochistic hate to city life. Two day back I decided to go for a little Harvard production of “Tosca”. After spinning in Cambridge (the city I hate since I moved to Massachusetts) for an hour in search of parking I was so pissed that I decided do not go to the theater anymore and my mood was completely screwed.

Perhaps it is my unreasonably delayed R&E deal or whatever else reasons but I nowadays truly despite the city live. The city put too much demands for me to comply with city living but I do not think that get back any equitable reimburse for this privilege. Perhaps I am getting older but buy those “demands” begin to annoy me. I wonder what would be the next: to buy a track and to register republican?

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