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Post Subject: DSET and Cables.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/23/2010

This is not as simple question as one might think. If a person embrace DSET topology, let for instance to take my example of 6-DSET channels, then what to do with cables that feed the DSETs? In my case I use one interconnect between preamp and DSETs. I made shire that it is as good all today interconnect as I know in context of widest bandwidth. However, this concept of “best for widest bandwidth” is very contradictory to the whole DSET concept. So, what to do?

Nowadays I am fighting for closing of my new house with different listening room. If I succeed then I would need interconnects between preamp and power amps of 20-25 feet or even more. I do not have such interconnect and to find the one that I like will be a pain. So, I wonder if perhaps instead of searching one good 25 feet interconnect I might search a few interconnect where each of them would be optimized for a narrower bandwidth where my given DSET operates. That is an interesting concept.

If I have in my disposal a manufacturer what would be able to make a run of a few parallel interconnects with specific bandwidth flavor then we would cook something very interesting. I am sure very few of manufacturer or any have an experience to make narrow band interconnects and to properly evaluate the outcome from a prospective of “total result”. However, I would work with a wiling manufacturer and would advise what need to be done sonically with a given narrow-band cable. It might be interesting projects and for someone it might lead to a good commercial product… It might lead even to a better wide-bandwidth cable as a summation of the narrow band cables. Who knows….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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