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Post Subject: BSO pension program.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/21/2010

This all-Strauss pension program is promised to be very interesting.

STRAUSS - Don Quixote                     

Joh. STRAUSS II  - Overture to Die Fledermaus                      

Joh. STRAUSS II - Amid Thunder and Lightning                      

Joh. STRAUSS II  - Roses from the South                   

Joh. STRAUSS II  - Free-shooter                    

Jos. STRAUSS - Free from Care!                               

Jos. STRAUSS - Delirium                              

Joh. STRAUSS I  - Radetzky March

For a long time never happened BSO plays 3 new programs this week, almost like European orchestras do it… weekly. The Thursday Beethoven 6 and 7 was reportedly good. Last night Beethoven 3 and 4 was on boring side. It looks like today Strauss will be more exiting. I did not list it in whole, way driving and listing in my care but what I heard I did like. Let see how the polkas would go…

The Cat

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