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Post Subject: Slight hardnessPosted by tuga on: 2/21/2010
 Romy the Cat wrote:
Here is my second attempt to make ad-hog analog transfers. The file is 280 Meg in 167kH and 24 bit. Do not download it if you can’t not play 167kH. The file is 0.5dB hotter then it shall be and has some clipping. I wonder if somebody would be able to hear the clipping. Anyhow, you feedback about the general quality is welcoming. The file will be removed in 3 days from the server.

Romy the Cat

I am very impressed with the spaciousness and colours, and transient response is also very good, but I feel a slight hardness in the sound that doesn't allow complete relaxation when listening (with headphones; I'll try the speakers latter in the day).
I wonder if this could be due to the highish recording volume.

Since digital reproduction doesn't have tape hiss I wonder if it's necessary to record the highest sounds so close to the clipping point.
This attests for the excellent dynamic range of your vinyl playback, though, and it would be funny if you had to compress some of your LPs upon transfer to digital...


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