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Post Subject: Twogoodears on the Duelund caps.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/19/2010

Here is the link, though I have no idea whose words he is quoting:

The caps are $1000 per 630V/1uF. So, I wonder what those super expensive caps might be used. The 630V suggest it to be used in powers supply. However 1uF in nothing in PS. I know that there are many fools out there who make 300B/2A3/45/10 amps with 4-8uF B+ filtration but those amps sound like shit and “better” caps would not help to them.

To use Duelund in speaker level crossovers would , make more sense but it needed 100V AC in there and the huge 630V would  be hardly usable, not to mention that 100V cap would be 3 times less expensive.

The use of the Duelund in line-level filtration would make more sense. However at the line-level 630V hardly needed and RL filter would kill any, even the best C filter.

So, the only use of Duelund I see for bypass of PS. If so then why people talk about good sound of Duelund but do not mention what were the main filtering cap? The bypass kike only at HF, so commenting about the Duelund sound I think people need to inform at what frequency the Duelund cap is kick in.

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