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Post Subject: BoundariesPosted by berlinta on: 2/12/2010
Hello Romy,

"Frank, I do not generally participate in the “technical discussions” about the tonearm design"

I took the freedom and checked your participation in related threads and found your statement not to be true.
"Saying, all of it I hope that you noted that I did not pass any specific observations about your tonearms – I have no interest or need. I did hear number of negative feedback from various people about your tonearms. I have to admit that I discard them as much as I discard the stupidly-exuberant comments about your tonearms."

Fair enough!

..."your boyfriend from Oswalds Mill"...

Absolutely superfluous, meant to insult only choice of words. My wife, if I'd show her this thread, would yell at you like a drill seargent. Her fuse is short.

"It is my firm conviction that if you are associated with Oswald’s Mill then you are a bottom of the barrel and  it is my very fundamental judgment."

"I do not have hostility toward you"

Those two sentences following each other directly are contradictory.

"I presume that we all understand that people are entitled to wear Nazi’s swastika if it make them happy. But I hope you would not deny my right to walk out of the room without giving damn how the room sounded? The very same with Schroder Tonearms."

Here in Germany(and several other countries) it is a criminal offense to disply a swastika or other Nazi insignia. In fact, if you were to publish such a comparison in Germany, one could sue you for libel. I value the freedom of expression highly, but only up to a point where discrimination of race, gender, nationality and religion sets in. I've worked for and with people from over 80 countries, from all denominations and and wide variety of cultural backgrounds for nearly 18years(German foreign office, Federal Press office, Senate of the City of Berlin, Jewish community,Turkish community, US newspapers and TV stations, The Berlin Film Festival...).  I've talked to old Nazis, Neo-Nazis and kids who just wear a swastika to piss off their parents and teachers. I would never associate myself with a Nazi(or a muslim fundamentalist, or a hardcore fan of the Stakin era USSR, etc...), but I would always try to talk with them to understand what makes them tick. As long as you can maintain a proper distance you can form a basis helping you to prevent others(kids) from falling into the trap of radicalism.
So, I'd appreciate it if you could refrain from mentioning me and National Socialism in the same context in the future.

"The expertise, understanding and the actual Sound that Jonathan Weiss is capable off has become the representation of what Mr. Schroder dies, his face and his respect to sonic reference points."

Let me assure you that no dealer(and Mr. Weiss is a dealer, not the distributor) that I cooperate with has a system that matches my sonic ideal. It would then be, quite frankly, impossible to sell anything through third persons. The enthusiasm, if not passion for music (and the gear that reproduces it) is the yardstick by which I go. That and the willingness to do as much as possible to make the customer happy.
If the dealer starts placing profit above service, he's out. If he insults a customer, he's out.

"Is it possible that behind that Frank’s “technical literature” there is an absolute ignorance about needs of Sound? I would not speculate, I do not know Frank Schroder personally and the only circumstantial evidence I have is the Frank’s association with Weiss – it is enough!"

The above sentence is exactly that: speculation
Fortunately, I do live in a culture rich environment. Like Boston, Berlin offers the benefits of both sub- and established culture, from free classical and jazz concerts to star ladden opera and theater(too much to list). I take advantage of the fact that there are three jazz clubs within walking distance of my home and the same goes for my wife who plays the violin(with her quartet rehearsing at our place from time to time). The Berlin Pilharmonic is only 20 minutes away...I know what live music sounds like, I'd even be so arrogant to say that I can tell good music from bad music. That's what I consider my reference point, not the sonic ideal of any individual. Let me repeat myself: ""I do not want to convert anyone, for me audio isn't a religion or a cult, it's a hobby first, then a profession, serving my passion for music."

I'm still waiting for you to be so kind and explain what you meant by what the quote below refers to.
"I'm not shure I got your point about "VTA/VTF lock", what do you mean by: the arm will try to "maintain VTA", despite no change in VTA(?)"

This is the last post regarding any personal issues, I promise. I just can't stand being compared to Nazis.

All the best,


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