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Post Subject: My last post as a "case in point".Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/11/2010

Frank, I do not generally participate in the “technical discussions” about the tonearm design I would live it to DIYAudio0type of people. I see no point and no particular interest on the subject. There are multiple reasons why. Not the last of those multiple reasons is that fact that all of those who love to talk big theories about tonearms (turntables, cartridges, tubes, amplifiers, cables etc, etc, etc, etc) are absolutely clueless about sonic results they get out of their creations. There is an army of people who make let say tonearms or turntables today but for some “mysteries” reasons they all do not perform well. You might even agree with me.  I know, I know, you would say that all of your “competitors” are ignorant but you are the special one. Well, I hope you understand that I can bring to a table a number of people who would say the same about themselves, who have no fewer patents then you have, have no less education in the field then you and are able elegantly express verbiage about tonearm design. What does it mean? It means absolutely nothing. All technical discussions are worth no more than any other discussions and serve nothing else that the interests of the people who would like to talk.

You are wrong about me expressing assumptions and opinion rather than facts. They are fact of my experience and if I do not feel need to show off my facts to you then it is only because I have no need to prove anything to you or to whomever out there. From the same perspective any single position you have expressed might be viewed as assumptions and opinion, so what?  So, let separate duties – you will be making tonearms and think how internet discussions help to make tonearms to sound better. I will be using tonearms and think about nature Sound, preferably without bind to tonearms lingo.

Saying, all of it I hope that you noted that I did not pass any specific observations about your tonearms – I have no interest or need. I did hear number of negative feedback from various people about your tonearms. I have to admit that I discard them as much as I discard the stupidly-exuberant comments about your tonearms. In fact drooling conclusion about your products is very much NOT my interest and the main reason is your boyfriend from Oswalds Mill. I do not care how your relationship got developed and who take advantage of who. It is my firm conviction that if you are associated with Oswald’s Mill then you are a bottom of the barrel and  it is my very fundamental judgment.  I do not have hostility toward you I just very sincerity wish any single cretin who deal with Jonathan Weiss to right tomorrow and preferably from a very painful illness. I hope this make my position very clear and would avoid any confusion in your interest to “technical discuss” tonearms.

I hope you to lose your virginity about the subject you are too confident.

Until then,
Romy the Cat

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