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Post Subject: Schröder tonearms by manufacturer?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/11/2010

 berlinta wrote:
People call me after listening to a system with a vinyl front end that included one of my arms. They liked what they heard, that's it. But I don't shy away from direct comparisons to other top contenders.

Frank, how in your view the listening to a system that a person like a person can recognize that it was explicitly tonearm that made the “liking” possible?

I disagree that VTF/VTA balance is critical on warped records. It is possible to handle it in your case by using curved magnet but do not forget that it has also disadvantage on flat records. Let pretend that you play a record with high dynamic range and the vertical acceleration was not consumed by cantilever/coil and got delegated to arm. A normal arm would react but in case of VTF/VTA-lock situation the arm will enter the zone of curved magnet and will try to maintain VTA despite that VTA was not changed. In this case the contra- VTA effort will be just a reaction to vertical acceleration inertia. Also, do not forget that curve magnet to accommodate the VTF/VTA-lock is VERY complicate and need to be done VERY precisely. Even if you have skills and knowledge how to do it then do not forget that the profile of the curve will depend…from the compliance of the given cartridge. So, you change a needle to softer or harder and all your precision of VTF/VTA-locking is out of proper balance, if it ever was in balance. So, I do not see any reason why the VTF/VTA-locking shall be ever enforced.

The most important, Frank, can you comment about alleged comment that your arm do not maintain operation parameters and it sound greatly vary contingent upon environmental conditions? I think if it’s so then it is a major design fault. I understand that some of your users, the Weiss-level retards, do not particularly understand or care that result they are getting. However, I can assure you that there are some LP playing folks out there who are serious about what they do and what they listen.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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