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Post Subject: Further contemplating the new home options.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2010

Among many wet dreams that such weirdo like me have was a notion of having my own high antenna tower. While I was looking at the house that I am pursuing now I made sure that it is in a good reception aria. It is and the antennas of all my major stations are in direct path, not sheltered by local hills.

Still, since it will be my own house and since I have no neighbors I thought that I would erect 130-170 feet antenna tower. I it truly not so expensive, I can do it under 500, but as I begin to check the housing authority of the town my idealistic wet dreams got leas illusionary:


 Dimensional Requirements for Wireless Communications Links:
Any wireless communications link shall comply with the dimensional requirements
applicable to structures for the district in which it is located, provided, however, that the
following additional height and dimensional limitations for wireless communications
links involving monopoles, satellite dishes and antennae shall be as follows:

 a. No monopole shall exceed the height required to effectively transmit and receive its
wireless communications system requirements. Monopoles and associated
structures shall comply with the structural setback requirements for the zoning
districts upon which they are located. Except that a monopole shall not be setback
closer than the height relative to any abutting residential lot line.

b. Wireless communications links installed on the exterior of roof tops shall not
exceed fifteen (15) feet above the roof line, exclusive of the roof parapet. Any
antenna or satellite dish shall have a fifteen (15) foot setback from all sides of the

c. The height of antennae and dishes located on residential buildings or in the yards
of residential structures shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height measured
from the average ground elevation of the residential structure or the average
ground elevation of the antenna and/or dish base. These link items shall also
comply with structural setback requirements for their respective residential districts."

That sucks, 15 feet - it was not what I had in my mind. I think if I get the house I will need to get an authority and fight for variance on regulation. BTW, is anyone known what kind people install antennal on the buildings? If I want to put up my large rotatable antenna on the roof and strap it to chimney for instance, then what kind contractor would do it? Electricians, chimney professionals, satellite antenna professionals? I spoke with all of them and not of them do this job.

Romy the Cat

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