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Post Subject: The hard-boiled PP with confined 6C33CPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/22/2010

I see, what they did – the built a perfect sealed chimney with two fans to suck cold air in and two fans to suck hot air out. Well, it might work, even though I do like this idea. I absolutely do not see why such a hot and large tube as 6C33C shall work INSIDE of a chassis; in this case it will be 4 of 6C33C!!!! There is absolutely nothing that would prevent then to put 4 sockets atop of the chassis and mount the tubes there. But, hey this is not my amp….

The Auto Bias for 6C33C, well it is obviously not my cap or tea. The PP operation on such wildly different tube tubes as 6C33C also is not very much useful. Look at the Lamm ML1 – a lot of power but very little séance. Who else does the PP around 6C33C? Balanced Audio Technology famously did one, I think it was 60W and they also used automated bias. I do not know, I do not like this idea.

The Five-Element Diagram for the Stereo in the review is “different”. I do not know how and if it relates to sound in practical terms.

The Cat

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