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Post Subject: Time to dig out those old…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/14/2010

 Saturntube wrote:
Time to dig out those old A7s and start playing with electronic Xovers...

Well, it depends. Depends what the objectives are. If the objectives are to fight the stupid pricing of contemporary high-end products then getting into some (not all) vintage modals is a good direction. Some older speakers from 50s, as they are, much over-perform the 95% of the crap that is being sold today. Ironically they cost virtually nothing, even though lately the audio fetishists jacked up prices a lot. The digging those old speakers would not give however an advancement in sound. I wrote about it a lot – old speakers are not good speakers. The advantages that some vintage acoustic systems had are not because peoples make better speakers better in past but because in past they did not learn yet how to make shity acoustic systems.

The same A7 is not particularly good speaker. It had good drivers, not truly good but still is much better then the most of the crap that they do nowadays. Stull, properly voices the $2K-worth A7 might play OK – something that you would hardly say about 95% of today speakers with price range of $50K-$90K.

Still, audio is not a competition who buy cheaper of build better speakers. Audio is in way is an artistic expressionism where the Sound that it being shaped is a reflection of an individual’s interest in Sound. Mostly people out there have no defined or wasted interest in Sound. For them an acoustic system is not an expressive tool but an instrument to pay mortgages or to entertain themselves while golf not in season…

Anyhow, I would not pull the A7 out but would rather take from there drivers and burn the A7 in order do not have a temptation to use faulty design. Will something NEW with A7’s drivers cost $2K? Probably it will but it will be better than what the A7 was…

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