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Post Subject: Ocean Way HR-2A, HR-2B and HR-2C.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/14/2010

I was trying to find out what drivers the Allen Sides’ speaker uses and found a lot of noise about this among the people of Guitar Center – it is not surprising considering Allen Sides background.

The electricians with headphones call it “Hi-Res Studio Main Monitor System”. I am sure at the level of “Guitar Center” not one would care about the divers… It was interesting how the HR2 was declared at CES:

“The HR2 monitor system is designed as a high definition reference point to sonically judge and decide intricate musical balances for final mixes. What separates the HR2s from other high end audiophile loudspeakers, apart from its use by professionals, is its capacity to provide virtually unlimited dynamic range while maintaining absolutely matched uniform frequency response between channels. The two sides from 1k to 20k typically fall within 1dB of each other creating absolute symmetry in regards to stereo imaging. The HR2s unique 120 degree dispersion coupled with having identical flare rates on both HF and LF horns also allows for a very wide listening window eliminating the narrow "sweet spot" effect. The HR2 also produces extended and detailed low end to 18Hz. "

Here is more sensible information from AES two years back:

I just would like them do not use word “custom” everywhere as it was not custom but RCA’s.  The rest is good.  Hey have optimal sections with installation, multi-amplification, and tuning, EQUALIZING (!!!) on location included. The whole max package is $34K which is a lot of money but take a look what the damn high-end industry sell today for $34K? A pair of some kind stupid Magico mini-monitors that have Sound good only for growing cancer metastases?

Well, I think the Ocean Way can hold such a low price (speaker, amps, crossover, installation etc including) because they do it so far direct with no need to feed the army of ugly industry parasites. I would see what would be the prices for Ocean Way services after they receive those infamous calls from Stereophile Magazine informing them that if they do buy $30K worth advertising then their company never will be mentioned in this publication. Looking that Ocean Way went to CES it looks like they would like to be engaged in that dirty business. It will be very obvious what had happen at CES with Ocean Way. The Vegas show is filled with bedbugs of all calibers who in the beginning of the year go there to investigate from whom they will be blood-sucking next year. Let see what parasite will lent on Ocean Way Company.

Still, saying all of it I am a bit skeptical about Ocean Way speaker as a feel it might be for the red-neck audio level. Most of the pro-audio professionals are right in that category.  Here is the Mr. Sides interview where he state that “he never saw anything like his design”:

For the idiots who made this clip (pay attention at the dynamic level of the music in the beginning of the clip) Mr. Sides interview was awesome…. I am a bit afraid that behind all of it sit $200 Rane equalizer, $200 DJ amplification with “Guitar Center” understanding of music. I might be wrong but knowing where those are coming from I would be wondering…

Romy The Cat

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