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Post Subject: The show rooms sound.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/13/2010

Interesting that you post illustrates perfectly the notion of multi-amping advantage.  A few years bask when I still was going to all those hi-fi show I proposed a notion that a room that has 50-500Hz properly dialed to a given room has with all other equal conditions good advantage over the rooms. The HR2 with multi-amping configuration had a LOT of advantages to fine-tune the speaker to the room and make them to work together. When it happens Sound becomes very fluent and very palatable. Wilsons driven from a single amp have no such option. Wilson people have a lot of efforts invested in proper installation of speakers and properly done it is very effective. But proper DPoLS optimization and proper Imbedded Macro-Positioning of bass channel are different things and it would conflict in accidental rooms. I do not think that Viola Audio electronics has advantage over Lamm electronics used in the room, even I did not hear neither of them. I do not think that HR2 has advantage over Wilson’s, even I am not a big fan of Maxx speaker (I consider Maxx still as small Wilson that I do not find serious). Still you report that overall presentation of HR2/ Viola room was according to you more interesting.  Would it be a justification of the HR2/Viola multi-amping?

Sure it is very difficult make any assumption based upon accidentals result of audio shows but in audio shows I pay attention only at good result. The reported advantage of the HR2/Viola might be from zillion reasons, including that they might used better power. So, who knows what is going on there…

Still, there is an interesting phenomenon that I never was able to understand. I observe Lamm’s show rooms from I think 1998-1999 to 2006 when I did my last audio show. Surprisingly all Lamm rooms at audio shows sound the same, even regardless of what kind acoustic systems they use. It was somewhere along the lines you described - everything is very accurate and good but tedious and disjointed. Ironically tediousness and disconnectivity were never was problem with Lamm electronics in my home or in other homes where I heard Lamms. I do not know where it comes from… Perhaps it comes from the fact that wherever Lamm does his shows to please no other demands then the barbaric and primitive demands of idiots like Fremers and Valins? Hard to say but if it talks like a duck and walk like a duck then it most likely not a porcupine….

Anyhow, it good that HR2 made a good appearance.  I am not sure who sell, make, destitute them, and what drivers they use but I think it will be known. I think the configuration of HR2 is very promising. Let see how it will be used.

The Cat

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