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Post Subject: The sound of two rooms at CES 2010Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/13/2010

 Saturntube wrote:
Well this is the RCA LC-9A  It is identical,  with an extra cabinet for an 18" driver...  We saw some old time reviewers going out of the room laughing and shaking their heads!  We thought they were saying, yes a 50 year old speaker system just killed all other new stuff!

I do not know or care what the “old time reviewers” were saying. I am very sure that when those reviewers were going out of room your Allen Sides was saying “thanks God the deaf idiots left the room”. I more interested what you personally felt about HR2 sound.

Regarding the “killing all other new stuff”. The only installation that I would be interested to hear in Vegas would be room with Wilson new Maxx (I do not even know at which number they are) and Lamm’s ML3/LL1. Lamm rooms customary have no feedback and covered by silence in media and by public. So, if you do not mind then can you share your feeling about overall sound demonstrated by Lamm/ Wilson room and by HR2/ViolaAudio rooms?

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