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Post Subject: Allen Sides’ HR2 loudspeakerPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/13/2010

Saturntube, thanks for the explanation. I thought that HR2 was just inspired by RCA but it look like it direct copy of it.

I never heard the RCA LC-9A but from the fact that it is RCA version of Altec A5-A7 it is not difficult to recognize how it might sound. The shallow MF horn and large A7’s style port do have own recognizable signature.  The keys in A7/LC-9A are the drivers but it is not known what drivers are used in HR2. Since it is not made for own use but made to be sold I presume that it would not come with anything exotic.

Generally I felt that HR2 would be juts an inspiration from RCA LC-9A and I thought that they got rid the RCA/Altec port and put in their 3 active drivers for dedicated upperbass channel. The circles behinds the grill’s cloth gave this idea and it is what I would do. This would be very flexible design for a commercial speaker. Take a look: this way you have 4 independent channels that are not connected and available as separate block. The MF channel would sound much better than it is now and it would not push exertion more than the MF horn can handle (not it does it to serve the port needs). This flexibility would be the key and nothing would prevent people to put the dedicated upperbass channel above the tweeter and make the bass section larger, perhaps double the upperbass or bass depends what the given room would need.

They sell it with own active crossover – that is cool. You say that it Allen Sides own design but considering that HR2 was also “Allens own design” probably the crossover will turn out to be re-painted Pioneer D-23 :-)  Actually there is nothing wrong to mimic the old staff from others. Audio is not Olympics and it is not about winners but about results. I understand that Allen Sides’s HR2 is just replica of RCA LC-9A with a dedicated bass module. I wish the Ocean Way Audio blabbing about their speakers, their designer and amount of magnetic flux in the gap of drivers would mention the fact of RCA replication.   I personally would be more interested if Mr. Sides not just rip the LC-9A but to use RCA design as an inspiration and would come up with own better speaker. Still, whatever it is I think it worth to mention that a new horn-loading attempt is made out there. I never heard anyone ever talk about it, I hope it will change.

Romy The Cat

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