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Post Subject: A new CES 2010 loudspeaker?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/13/2010

The Federated Mike from Mid West use to post good pictures about his Hi-Fi shows. Nowadays he thinks that his is “a publication” and his pictures are imbedded in some kind of java-crap driven idiotic format that slow like hell and crashes frequently. Why he does it I have no idea. Why he need publish this empty-headed Spintricity “publication” filled with primitive bravado the brands he sells I have no idea as well. However it is his business and I am sure and hope this Spintricity keeps him very happy.

Anyhow, I looked today over Mike’s pictures.  It looks like it was a boring show; at least I detect nothing worth attention or interest, nothing besides one room that I got a curiosity in. The room looks like belong Viola Audio Laboratories electronics and the use loudspeakers that I did not see:

I know nothing about them but it looks interesting 4-way idea.  Is anybody knows anything about them?

The Cat

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