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Post Subject: LF Amplifier in biamping.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/5/2005

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If you are an adherent to single-ended amplifiers and high-efficiency loudspeakers then undoubtedly you came across to the thought what to do with LF sections and how to drive them. The high sensitivity at LF comes only along with the non-resolvable cost of delays (if it done properly) and therefore it is highly likely that your LF would require much more power then your MF-HF channels would requires.

It is very common that people use SS PP to drive the LF sections. People attracted by many in theory objective benefits of SS amplification and amp-speaker interface. However, the truth of the subject is that the SS amplification (ANY SS amplification) can’t do bass. The bass of SS amp, although it is instantaneously impressive (and particularly for the people who have their audio taste at a typically barbarian level) is wrong bass, purely synthetic and NEVER real. I am not mentioning the fact that in biamping the different amps must not be used at all…. So, no matter what you do but do not biamp with SS PP at LF.

From another point of view the SE amplifier can’t do REAL bass by the verdure of the topological limitation. So, what to do? The answer is ridiculously simple, so simple and reasonable that I have no idea why the proposed solution is not a dominating solution in a given situations: use two SE amplifiers when one of them will be specifically optimized for LF operation only.

The dedicated LF SE amp is so powerful tool on context of your SE high-efficiency installation that it will take your “result” way out there. Perhaps it will even teach you REPRODUCED bass might sound….

Romy the Cat

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