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Post Subject: Living in darknessPosted by Stitch on: 1/8/2010
Well the marketing power can change dirt into gold, we all know that. I have no problems with manufacturers who offer "such" units. We, the customers (especially here in this Forum) are fixed on the quality of sound. 

Some years ago there was a meeting of some Importers in my area (long ago, and most are out of business), some of them really tried to push the curtain (maybe one reason they didn't survive as Importer), anyway, it was very interesting.

4 from the most expensive ones made a Demo, each of them had their turntable, their Arm of Choice, Cable/Cartridge of choice and Phonostage of choice to make the analog combo as good as possible.

The following chain was identical, all into the same Preamp, Cables, Amp and speakers.
When I remember right, it was Simon Yorke (the most expensive) with Allaerts, Audio Note complete (VERY expensive), Basis Debut with Graham and a Takeda cartridge and I think the last one was Garrard 501 with SME... I forgot the Phonostages but all very serious units (at that time)... playing same record of course.

Anyway, the result was very different, that means, some of them showed a MUCH better performance than others. 

The real interesting experience for me was the reaction from the listeners, totally mixed, those who couldn't afford even the cartridge were the most aggressive ones in their opinion, followed from those who are fixed on "reviews" (What was "in focus" at that time).

I met only a few (probably 5 from 50) who shared my opinion. In the discussion all 5 were record collectors and more or less not interested in Hardware, only in sonic Performance.

The "mass" will always go a different route than the individual. We can't change it.

When some are used to live in darkness and they see a light, they don't trust it.

But it is good to share opinions here.

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