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Post Subject: Corrections and commentsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/7/2010

John, a few corrections for start

First of all the gullible and moronic are not interchangeable words and I never use one instead of other. Second Audio Note Ginga does not look like traditional Micro. It has oil suspension and God knows what else. I do not know what Ginga has and what principles it uses. One of the greatest despoilment is that audio media cretins mane public to think about design concepts when they approach turntable but not about the sonic characteristics. Did you ever hears/read any TT designer who was taking/thinking about TT in terms of Sound? I never heard it. They will talk about vibrations, momentums, space technologies, laser trimming and % of distortions but I still did not see TT people who think it terms of Sound. I personally witnessed a demonstration when a team of VERY expensive TT (the most expensive and the most glorified in today market) presented this TT. After a few bars I asked to stop demo as the hugely sophisticated TT clearly ran at slower speed. The designer team was very surprised that I was saying such foolishness. I was very surprised that they did not recognize it. Then they spent a hale night to fix the damn TT…

Many of today High-end products are just a worthless show off what might be sold instead of furnishing of what sound needs. I am not in position to criticize TTs. It is very difficult to do and I would never undertake to review Turntables. Sometime it takes years to get proper sound from a TT or a cartridge and I can only to be sorry about the industry idiots who have a few TT, arms and needles during each month. Anyone who understand anything in analog would know how much superficial and phony the feedback of such idiots might be. The problem however is that the sound of TT does not sell the TT. The sale will come from an asshole US distributor of Kondo would sit on phone and will call to his buttered up clientele. It is possible that that the new Ginga is an OK TT, the problem is that no one will know it because it will be sold to ignorant people and by via dirty methods.  The very same Kondo US distributor when he picked up a distribution of Lowther driver with a back loaded horn 10 years ago was lobbing Audio Asylum Owner to delete from AA archives any negative posts about single speaker drivers (and they did it!!!) The very same whore-distributor will tomorrow "decide" if the Ginga TT sounds good.  I hope Ginga is heavy TT and I hope that distributor-asshole will break his back lifting it up…

The Cat

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