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Post Subject: Money makes the world go roundPosted by Stitch on: 1/7/2010
When we have these discussions we should be aware on which side who is:
On one side we have the manufacturer, who has to live from his product. That is very important for our thinking and our conclusions. At the same side we have our "Journalists", they need the money, too (or they like the contact to the manufactures because they have special prices when they want something, for themselves or to sell it later for a better price.) And there are very few, who don't need the money but want to write because they "like music so much", but they have absolutely no idea from anything, too. When they would have any idea from it, they would hate that "job". Listening to nonsense 8h a day can ruin the internal balance...
On the other side we have the customer, more or less experienced, more or less wealthy, more or less interested, but always important (and right!!) in his opinion. Whatever this opinion will be :-)
Their main problem is (but they don't know it) they know nothing, too. They repeat what others tell them.
What they "know" is very simple:
They read a review and save a few sentences from the unit in their brain. And they repeat it again and again, when they have conversations with their buddies or they dream about "tis & tat". And after a while they believe in it, it is transformed into "Truth", "Knowledge" or "Facts"...
High End is not a complete BfZ (Brain free Zone), but it is not far from it.

When I had contact to some Importers lots of years ago (they are all out of business or dead) I had to change my mind. They told me, they have dealers who pressed them to offer more expensive products, who told them, they have rich clients who want to spend 8000+ $ for a 1,0m cable.... Those Importers phoned the manufacturers and told them what they "need".

Most of the serious manufacturers (from my view) laughed about that and said it is quite nonsense but: Money makes the world go round.
Most time was not invested in Physics or serious research, most time was invested to find someone who can offer more elegant and expensive plugs, or cable shielding, top painting etc.

Same with turntables. Most customers have absolutely no idea from bearing quality, azimuth, the design of a tonearm etc. The analog revival is not based on the superiority to Digital, it is based that nearly everyone who is able to hit a nail into the wall, made the decision to build a Turntable.And: Most importantThe Mark up or profit is max.

Some time ago I thought, the wealthy Audiophiles - who can afford the "Dream units"- are experienced, because they can afford to have an own opinion, they had everything and on the way "up" they made some experiences.

That is my personal master mistake.
For the most it is like going into a Toy Store, they don't want to think (they refuse for whatever reason). It is like showing my Horse, my Boat, my Car, my wife and my girl friend...
Only 2 factors are important:

- it has to be - very - expensive (otherwise they don't get the respect they want)
- it has to be Component of the Year, Review Winner or similar

And THAT's it 

End of that Story. I never (I repeat: NEVER) heard so much BS when talking with these guys, I NEVER got so much Headache when I listened to their Systems, that's why I stopped having conversation with them. I want to get paid for that.
(Otherwise I stay at home laying in my chair on a sunny day with a cool Drink right and my wife left)

Money and Quality

In that time I was sometimes with those Importers in their rooms at Exhibition shows and was able to hear the conversations:
In all those years I NEVER, I repeat NEVER, heard from a Dealer how good this or that unit is sounding (and it was good stuff, Wavac, BASIS etc.), it was ALWAYS this way:
- How many points I have on this product?
- What price you offer when I pay in 30 Days, 1 week, prepay?
- Extra Points????
ONLY that.

Maybe there are some Turntables out there which show some serious brain and maybe they are better than others, but after 15 years of High End I have to say, Romy hit the nail so unbelievable good with his Micro thinking, it is hard to believe. 

It was true, it is true and it will be more true in future.

Being an Audiophile is interesting :-)

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