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Post Subject: PostscriptPosted by tokyo john on: 1/3/2010
The best investors are usually small, obscure and unknown, whereas all the famous investors and fund managers are same as the worst audio crooks.
Interestingly, there is no relationship between price and talent in this field - is almost random chance you found a good investor to manage your money. But at least over time, the performance of the investments are very clear to see and you know if you screwed up.

With a car, I think when you drive at high speeds, the better car is obvious even to a woman who has no interest in cars (less stressful to drive). Cannot explain all price difference, as personal taste and ego are quite big factors. And do you really need to drive that fast?

An expensive suit or shoes are more problematic; most value is in the head of the buyer, but if he feels confident or sexy as a result, and that allows him to do a presentation well or work up the courage to invite a girl to dance with him, is worth it?

A watch is 100% whether a design has appeal to the beholder (unless is purely to impress materialistic women). If it is an expensive watch, you hope the materials (precious metals, complexity and workmanship) will justify at least a fraction of the cost. Like having a piece of art on your wrist basically.

Lastly, audio sound. A bit of everything? Random luck is a factor as equipment combination and listening environment can make a big difference, and also personal biases. A good system should be stress-free at the least to listen to. If it makes you feel happy anyway and enjoy life as a result, is ok as long as you are not unknowingly torturing your cat with bad sound. If you like the design and concept, and quality of construction can partly expalin the cost, is good enough? As I said, compared to this, investing is a piece of cake :-)

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